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AC Installation, Repair and replacement Service

Being the best service provider in Lahore Bao G provides professional AC repair, AC installation and AC Service technician at door step with online booking. We have a team of experienced and professional AC technician that provides exceptional services to the customers at their convenience.

Your air conditioner has a very important job to keep you and your family comfortable in the indoors. Having some problem in the AC can be very frustrating and expensive over your comfort. But don’t worry, Bao G is ready to take your frustration out and fix the problem of your AC. We value your time and comfort that is why we have provided the custom day and time booking options on our website and mobile application. Along with this we have an emergency callout option available to serve you in emergency situations.

In AC Service we provide:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Installation or replacement
  • Regular AC Service


AC Repair

If your AC is not correctly working, Bao G will arrive at your home to diagnose the problem as immediately. If there is an AC repair required, Bao g will make sure to do the repair quickly and correctly.


Here are some of the common problems with most of the AC systems. In case of any of these problems just give us a call and tell the problem. Our AC technician will arrive to repair your problem.

Air conditioner not turning on. Make sure the thermostat is accurately set and then take a look at the electrical panel for a tripped breaker.

Air isn’t cold. Verify thermostat settings are right. Then put in a new air filter, if you haven’t done this in the past few months. A new air filter can increase efficiency and indoor air quality. Make sure the outdoor unit isn’t blocked by dust and that it isn’t leaking refrigerant.

Uneven cooling. Inconsistent temperatures are often caused by leaking ducts, poor insulation or blocked registers. If none of those things are creating the problem, consider hanging blackout curtains on south-facing windows. You can also buy a zoning system to manage temperatures in certain areas.

Water dripping from unit. Check the indoor. This is the PVC pipe exiting the air conditioner. Leaking refrigerant can also cause ice to build up on the coils and drip water.

Air conditioner is making strange noises. Screeching, clanging or clicking sounds signal potentially serious problems. Turn your system off and contact Bao G for AC repair service.


AC Installation

Sometimes an old AC needs to be replaced for cost, efficiency, or some other reasons. However, choosing an air conditioner always depends upon several things and situation. Our AC technician are always available to replace your old AC or simply install a new one. We’ll always work with you to consider your preferences and comfort.


Regular AC Service

Maintaining your air conditioner is important because it can help your unit last longer. In fact, the government department of Energy estimates that people could make their unit between 5 and 15 percent more efficient just through regular filter replacements or maintenance! Additionally, it is necessary to service the AC every season to keep it working efficiently. Regular AC service after few months can save you from big troubles and will also increase the life of the AC. Bao G provides best AC maintenance service to keep your AC running.


You can call us or book the service online any time from your smart phone to get Bao G at your home for AC service.

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